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I have learned from skilled teachers that intellect, mental control and self-confidence can be nourished by the energy of the solar plexus chakra. An amazing strength, but also an enemy? Is it so?

I have learned from the same teachers that yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra, and that yellow symbolises the new life but also poison. Is it so?

I have learned that I can understand obstacles in life as a result of a blockage in the energy of the chakras. If I am stuck in an intellectual understanding, in mentally control of my experiences and hold firmly to a little listening self, it is may be of the curse forced to me by my solar-plexus chakra? Is it so?

For five years I lived a quiet life with little contact with others and lived a life in a confined geographical area. After those years, my self-imposed quarantine had come to a place where it dissolved. In a way, I may have transformed my solar plexus obstacles into release. Is it so?

After five years, everything that the solar plexus was told to held within me, dissolved.Am I free now?

Five years is no significant time, not even in a limited human life, and today I feel that this time has been well spent. How can I explain?


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