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The old mill wheel does not rest, it looks like

If you connect deeply and listen carefully, you will hear deep inside

the scribbling of a pencils work on paper

The time for the heavy lifts is ended

the old mill got time for itself

Carefully the mill wheel notes down every load of mashed grain,

number of wagons received,

sweaty horses drinking from the spring

strong men in works with muscles

and sacks of finely ground flour carried to the baker

You shall know, the mill wheel carries an insight

a time will come when diligence will be settled

The duty is done and a night will come,

everything will be weighed up -

the mill wheel prepares, notes and writes the story to tell

The work of the night should analyze, clean and tidy,

a new day to be born

Singing birds will herald this days renewal

The old giant will awake, and at this time

not as a mill wheel like one from an ancient time,

but as a miller for futures to come

This is how evolution polish the coarse grain into the fine flour


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