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Once was Man nature and nature was Man. Evolution would picture differently and today Man is separated from nature. Detached from nature as myth and reality, Man drives restlessly within Cosmos. Will Man ever find a way back to nature and unite in a common being?

In my quest to understand what consciousness imbeds and how my understanding can help Man to take place in the future, I must understand the form and existence of consciousness. By understanding how and why Man differed from oneness with nature, I can understand a further path for humans. I started a text line with the theme "On my way to understanding" and continue here.

Before Man became human in his modern form, Man shared his being with nature. What happened to nature happened to Man. The notions of nature were the notions of Man. Man belonged to the forces of nature and was part of this forces. Evolution would picture this differently. Slowly, Man was driven into a breach of nature and had to independently determine his existence and position in the process of creation. The separation was painful, has taken a long time, is still ongoing and is gradually on its way to a future where nature and Man again will establish a common form of being; different for both than the one left.

What happened?

"The object of evolution is the development of consciousness," is a central theorem in ancient cosmology. Knowledge of the Universe as a living and conscious universe was known to ancient science - a notion that is only awakened in our days through today's scientific recognition. The Egyptians of the Pharaohs did not create beautiful art installations to be admired in our day, they developed consciousness. Their hieroglyphs, sculptures and building structures, scientific representations in a secret language are open to those with access to the secret knowledge. With access to an ontology (knowledge of being) and cosmology (knowledge of creation), hidden and forgotten by the modern Man, the Pharaohs began the development of an independent human cognition and analytical consciousness.

In order for logical-analytic consciousness to emerge, which is the purpose of evolution, humans had to leave unity with the myths and through separation take place as an independent being of the Universe. The price of establishing oneself in one's own being, that is being conscious, and develop as an acknowledged and responsible form of awareness poses great challenges to Man. The price is high. Left to his own reflections, Man wanders abandoned by nature, left alone in an infinite cosmos, not knowing whether a way home exists.

Here we are at the core of what my texts are about - finding the way on to a form of being where Man is united with nature in a future picture where Man can still develop his holistic uniqueness. In order to measure the journey, choose the itinerary and to understand the purpose of the journey, humans must know from where they depart, where they actually reside are and where they are heading.

If evolution is to follow an 'inner' plan, what the development of consciousness is to me, then Man must strive to figure the plan, to participate in it to the extent the creative process makes it possible, included being active in the process of design.

I can see how the journey began and I can see Man's search for an itinerary and I can understand the price Man has paid to get where he is today,

Before the loss of nature, Man was in his pre-historical consciousness, one with nature. The Prehistoric Man was associated with the life of animals and the forces of nature, expressed through cave paintings, rituals and stories. Prehistoric Man and nature constituted a common form of being and a pre-logical identity. The cave painting - expressed as the bull and the arrow hitting the bull, is a ritual and cultic act intended to influence the external world, based on human desire. We can look back on a causal worldview, where the magical and cultic correspond to the 'scientific' modern Man.

The prehistoric Man's relationship to the cave painting corresponds to science's relationship to the laws of nature; Man is enabled to impose his will on natural phenomena. Evolution did not want Man to remain in the cave and here the journey begins, with a farewell to nature as "Mother" and a quest for his own self-knowledge and an independent awareness.

More will come.



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