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Most people seem to live good lives. It seems that they 'believe' in life. This may sound like a good idea.

The challenge of 'believing' in life as it 'is' can separate man from life as it 'can' be. The first phases of human life are often marked by identification with the close relationships and sensory realities. Man is supported to find life within the context of the reality that surrounds it. True, man is also helped to challenge himself, to grow and dare challenges. This is good, but does not violate my notion that man is supported to search within a limited framework.

I meet from time to time people who are helped to see themselves as something more than themselves. However, most identify with age, gender, personality, education and material prosperity, in short with a limited part of themselves.

People construct identity through stories about themselves that are mirrored by others who are similarly looking for a story about themselves. In this way, myths arise that 'you are inside' and 'you are outside', about 'winners' and 'losers'. In this way, life pains. No one can 'win' without another 'losing'. In such a framework, physical life seems miserable and the way of life does not support evolution.

Few people see life in its large edition, simply because they do not learn how to do so. Knowledge, will, and courage are required to grasp a limited notion of life; actions are required to seek the Great Edition.


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