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Futures expect us to define relationships from a different perspective of interaction than we do today.

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Our language, as it is today, is developed by relationships where the focus is conquest and war. People's most important tools in private relationships and work tool today are a military industrial language where grammar, symbols and rhetorical constructions speak power. The language of power is the most important tool of the limited relationship. The limited relationships are unsuitable in meeting the three paradigm and future challenges I outline below. The fact that the challenges are paradigmal mean that we are faced with changes that will be perceived as fundamental and they will require completely new insights of us. W also must think and act completely different about communication in our private relations.

Futures developments require people to shift focus and language into at least three areas of their lives:

The first change will concern learning. Driven by megatrends that move the orientation from physical objects to symbols, futures people will be immaterially oriented. The people of the futures will develop through learning that supports the intangible orientation. Futures people will be developers of symbolic-intuitive action behaviors. Instead of developing products, man will develop aesthetic performances.

The other change will be about organizing. Driven by megatrends that at the same time stimulate collectivization, individualization and personal construction, the future's humans being will largely be independent of a traditional organization to work within. Futures people will develop their awareness through integration between work and self-realization in an unorganized context . Instead of being led, human beings will develop co-operative leadership.

The third change will deal with relationships. Driven by megatrends that stimulate the development of artificial intelligence. Futures artificial intelligence will be both emotional and self-evolving. The human race of the futures will develop its relationships through communication and co-operation with logically-rational and emotional humanoids. Instead of speaking in words from an impulse driven and cognitive perspective, people will talk to people in energies, from spiritual inner consciousness levels to physical external expression. This becomes the strategy where people are headed for the artificial intelligence.

How does communication in relationships develop in such a three-dimensional paradigm?

Future communication in relationships speaks the powerless language, the language that supports and develops. A feminine language for femininity in relationships. This is not about gender, but about effects and phenomena. Relationships that see what does not form, hear what does not sound and understand what is not thought. Future communication has three linguistic frameworks, carried out by three modalities and speaks in three times. Let me briefly explain.

Communication for the futures speak the language of intuition, discourse and analysis. The language of intuition speaks the causal insights grammar and communicates with silent and hidden knowledge. Discourse's language speaks the language of the metacommunication and deals with the context and rhetoric of the conversation. The language of the analysis speaks the language of the planning and matches the assumptions, direction and instruments for the conversation that will be coming.

Communication for the future carries the global, ecological and feminine modality. Global modality is a holistic source. The ecological modality is renewal as power. The feminine modality is motion as power.

Future communication in relationships reflects Past, Present, and Future. Reflections of past are the assumptions of the premise. Here communicated from known sizes. Reflections of the present are the moments of time. Here we speak from automated insights. Reflections about the future are the possibilities of the hypothesis. Here is talk from the free frames of the imagination.

Communication in future relationships is like learning, organizing and speaking powerlessly together.

My ideas about communication in future relationships are about creating the powerless world, both in ourselves and between people and nations.


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