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Enlightenment - a perspective of impermanence


Development of Mind

goes through right actions

Right actions are empty

they have no given form

given forms give separation

Look at the night of a city

the night it self has no intention - man has

the night is emptiness and emptiness is the form

How do I develope Mind through emptiness as right action?

Buddha says:

first of all, develope a greater perspective

I enter a greater perspective by

being really aware of my internal states of mind

and my external situations of action

This is the path to become enlightened

Enlightenment is manifested through

unintentional good action - empty action - by being form

Therefor - I need to develope my empty form of unconditional action

- wisdom will follow

To develope compassion and wisdom,

I need to develope a greater perspective

A greater perspective comes to me

by meditation on my life´s impermanence

Silently knowing my impermanence

I move towards


(Photo.: Jacob Nielsen)

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