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DAWN - The New Language of Selfconstruction

The Danish spiritual teacher Lars Echardt Petersen has blessed my book "Dawn - The New Language of Selfconstruction", with a review. The book is available in Norwegian, but will in due time be translated into English and made available as e-book.

Thank you very much Lars Echardt.


Hi my name is Lars Echardt Petersen . I work at the Royal Danish Library and , as a hypnotist , healer , coach, writer and modules in N.L.P I am a spiritual truth seeker who want information at all levels no matter how hard it is ...

I have just read the book "Dawn" - the time of Awakening by Jon Mostad. The birds are singing the new day out - very poetic and beautiful. In his book Jon extracts the essence of all the known religions .: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, shamanism etc. What is religion all about? What am "I" to learn about "me" and "my" world? 15 years he spent on the study of ancient texts, personal experiences, conversations, tools.: Meditation, breathing exercises (Yoga), Tai chi, Qi Gon, contemplation, chakras, delta, totem animals and more... He admits that some of the material can be heavy to deal with, but gives it structure in order to make sense. Make us understand. Soul, body, emotions, mind. What we are doing with our lives. Everything is explained, so you can be a hole human. I feel I need to read the book several times, so it can all be put into place - be integrated in me. At the end of the book we follow Adrian undergoing a personal and spiritual development, where he will find his life's purpose (Dharma). He will be guided through the obstacles and beyond in the process. I asked Jon what happens when you have awakend.: "When you feel your Delta (the force that frees you from the law of gravity and makes it possible for your soul, to return to the Spirit) you feel the purpose of your life, you've got what the Dalai Lama refers to as a broader perspective. You feel your soul task for many lifecycles - and you are an avatar in your own prosess ... you are unstoppable " I decided to find my life's purpose. One understands nothing until you've tried it. Being able to liberate themselves through a comprehensive life purpose must be the most important thing a person can do. When I have found my life's purpose, I would like to tell you what had happened .... I have always seen religion as man's interpretation of something greater than ourselves. Something we can not comprehend and therefore need ceremonies, priests, prayer, reading, ethics, morals and so on in order to become a better person. Creating a better,honest loving world where all is well. Read the book. Take your time reflect on it. Taste the text bite for bite. The book is awalible only in norwigian, but in the future Jon is planing an English version.

The review on the book "Dawn" written by Lars Echardt Petersen

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