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Late but well, I understood that people's perception of reality is based on sensory experiences - on five sensory experiences, each of which requires knowing the truth. Even later, I understood that people perceive the sensory impressions with different sub-personalities or 'I'. A human being is not only an 'I' but composed of many 'I's'. In this way, the perception of reality becomes a chaotic and almost impossible project. Nor can humans seek solace in the natural sciences. It is wise enough to acknowledge that it only understands what it is capable of measuring. Since the people of the West have also (so far) refused a science of spirituality, humanity's limited sensory experiences and limited natural sciences are all attempts to explain 'Reality'. Spirituality is to me the realm of faith, free speculation, emotion, and magic. I would think most people have honest intentions, but a science of spirituality has been abandoned - for now, and humans' fact-based spiritual knowledge of the creative process is deeply limited. To understand 'Reality' in their big picture, humans have to abandon their limited conceptions. This is achieved through a new self-awareness and expanded awareness. So the question is - where do humans find their way to spiritual insight? This is exactly the theme of my "Thoughts" and my work with people. Jon

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