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In my text Life I made some thoughts about "Life". In this text I follow the theme.

I think most people live their lives "right". But what does a "real" life entail? If you accept my point of departure, that life is a journey in learning and that we meet just the hardship and hardship is what we need for a life in learning, then you might agree with me that nothing is "wrong" or "right" with life itself?

Humans are supposed to be active in their own evolution. Humans can co-create their own consciousness development and move boundaries for their own opportunities. The Dalai Lama has a very interesting call: - "get a bigger life". The first time I encountered the challenge, didn't the statement make sense - a "bigger life"? In a little while I understood what that man was aiming for. By studying, reflecting, and seeking challenges in my life, I was able to "save up" for a greater life - a greater afterlife. The Dalai Lama explains life as a circular and evolutionary movement. Life follows life, and between lives we rest in the afterlife.

By being an active learner in my conscious life, I gain a greater afterlife, and thus a new larger life as the time for the next incarnation comes. Isn’t that a beautiful motif?

Such topics, and others, are at the heart of work seminars and 'Masterclasses' I will hold in the future. You can read more on my website - you are also invited to contact me if you have any questions, use Messengers, a great tool.


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