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I talk about 'archeology of the body' and ask myself: - can I talk about archeology of the body?

Can 'the body's suction' be 'the soul's desire'?

In the process of moving people's ideas and desires for change in life, I became familiar with various expressions of the body's pain. Since I am not a medical doctor, I make sure that he/she has sought professional assistance. When this is clarified, I can say to the one: "ok, now the doctor is treating what's sick, then I'm treating what's healthy".

To me, pain is often the body-language about a state of imbalance.

I can't handle the pain, but through meditative energy work, I can help relieve tension between the purpose of the soul and the resistance of the sensed personality.

'The archeology of the body' is a method of work I have developed and written about in my book 'Dawn - A New Way to Self-Understanding and Expanded Consciousness'. The body retains memories, has knowledge and knows the way to liberation - it does, however, require an 'archaeologist' to find the traces.


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