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I need to understand.

To understand, I need my thoughts. I need my feelings too, but most of all I need my thoughts. Not all people I contact have it this way. That is why they often ask what I write and tell. Through the phases of my life I see a "red thread". In the part of life that I am in now, I can understand what this "red thread" represents. It is a link between a higher world of ideas that encompasses and sustains my life, and a practical way of life. The "red thread" is the connection between what I can call my soul body and the work duty of my life. The Hindus would call this duty the "dharma" of my life.

My thoughts are useful tools. They help me through reading, reflecting and planning actions. I know perfectly well that I am not "my" thoughts, but they are part of me. The least concrete and thus the most abstract of all my thoughts, sheds light on my life practices and helps me along the way.

This is in many ways the core of my work and which you can read about on my website.


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