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If you come across the Native American chieftain and poet Michael Looking Coyote, ask him to recite his guided meditation published in 2006.

From my first day of listening to his meditative voice, supportive music and deep insight, I have not been able to forget him. His text "Seven Sacred Directions" is a beautiful guiding for me and inspires my own thoughts that follow his direction. Here is my text, freely after Michael Looking Coyote:

- East is the journey to the land where the sun is born again

Dawn is the time when the night as the great cleanser releases the sun for a new beginning, a new day. There you go when the new age has announced its arrival.

- South is the journey to the sea where life rises in its new form

Creator god Atum ascended from the Nun ocean, with the nine laws of nature for the creative process. There you go when your new consciousness is to be awakened.

- West is the journey to the mountains where the wind rests its weary lungs

You find your life through life stages that sooner or later lead you to the question "who am I?" There you go when you need to know your life’s purpose.

- North is the journey to the world where life is preparing for a new body

Evolution is an endless journey in life where the body is laid off and a new one is being prepared. There you go when you know you want to rest and talk to those who came before you.

- Inwardly is a different journey from the others

As you travel inward, you also travel upward towards your inherent higher self. If you are going to meet your Awakend Master who is guarding your Inherent I, you must journey towards your inner. A journey within you is a journey in silence.


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