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Consciousness is a strange size.

Through countless attempts, I have tried to understand what 'consciousness' is. I find comfort in the fact that both philosophers and psychologists seem to grope in blindness, for what is 'consciousness'?

A while back, I accepted the notion of anthroposophy that 'consciousness' is more than what is squeezed in between two ears on a human head. 'Consciousness' is more like a symphony the human head receives and transmits into the world, like a radio. Then I realized that advanced and modern science is beginning to understand 'consciousness' as it relates to matter itself - the 'conscious' universe took shape in my understanding.

Lately, I understand that the ancient science-cultures had an insight that to day is both forgotten and hidden for the moderne Man. Therefor I have spend hours to dig into old sources to understand. For me a look into the cosmology of the ancient Egyptians, is like a look into a kaleidoscope that explore unknown frontiers.


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