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Expanded consciousness was the topic of one of my conversations with a buddhist friend. I learned a lot from that conversation. Among other things, I learned that our understanding of the world, and therefore consciousness, is not so different if we go to the roots of the great narratives.

What do I mean by that?

As I try to understand the "mystery of the mystery," the insight is revealed to me as I wander through the symbols back to the great stories. Although my insight is gradually brought to life, almost step by step, the "mystery of mystery" is still hidden from me.

Part of the great mystery is consciousness. Is consciousness what is created in me? Is consciousness what is created when you, me and a few more organise our thoughts in a circle? Or is consciousness a universal community which means that all matter is conscious only in different forms and levels?

The great cosmological narrative, as hidden and forgotten in our limited knowledge of ancient cultures, may hold an answer.

Reflecting together with my Buddhist friend, I tried to convey how I understand the Greek philosopher Pythagoras' portrayal of the evolution of consciousness. I presented the idea that the purpose of evolution is the development of the conscious Universe. I presented the idea that humanity today is to be further developed as consciousness to a higher level, to a level of causal consciousness where Man is developed and freed from the limiting emotions and mental images.

My Buddhist friend nodded recognisably to my presentation and mirrored it in his explanation. There is a higher consciousness in Buddhism that their "Karmapas" (scholars) possess - an awareness of all consciousness. My friend from his teachings of the Buddha and I through my studies of Pythagoras and ancient Egyptians shared a common room of insight. There is a higher and expanded insight that the scholars hold.

Our conversation went a step further. My friend asked me how Pythagoras and ancient Egyptians explained the way to an expanded consciousness and I became guilty. Neither Pythagoras nor ancient Egyptians wrote down their knowledge. It must be understood through the traces they have left through secondary sources, historical buildings and their mathematical constructions. How Buddhism explains the way to higher consciousness, there are many sources and teachings about it.

For me who do not go the Buddhist path in search of an expanded consciousness, the path must be sought in a different way. From where I have formed a picture of a consciousness at a higher level, I have to work almost like a sculptor working with a marble block. Deep inside the block is the final shape and I'll release it.

Whether the Buddhists' path to expanded consciousness is better explained and better guided, than my self-chosen path almost without guidance, I can think of nothing. Still, in my lonely studies and along the unknown trails I walk, the Path comes to me.

Maybe extended awareness and the Path towards it is not a big mystery to the one who is confidently seeking? Perhaps this is what ancient Gnostic wisdom tells us: - search and you will find, knock on and the door will be opened.


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