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Stand and deliver? May be in some occasions. Bend and survive in others, this is resilience.

Physics has given us the concept of resilience. An object is subjected to a load and the object gains its origin after the load has ceased. This ability to recreate itself is the explanation of resilience. The more resilient presence, the more able to restore itself. Such is the physical resilience explained, when I recount the explanation in it’s short form.

What does resilience mean for those who seek to live a spiritual life?

My understanding of the world is thar spirit and matter is a continuum of the same phenomenon. Spirit and matter adapt to others by being the same dimension, at different frequencies from the lightest light to the heaviest mineral. There is one Universe and this universe is both spiritual and material. The question of whether there are parallel universes in other forms of energy than the universe we know, is not my topic to discuss in this text.

Resilience is explained as the degree of material ability to recreate its original form when subjected to violent felling. For the human body, such images can be influenced by physical damage, mental shock and trauma. Equivalent, nature otherwise can receive affects of disasters such as fire, rage, earthquake etc. Common to the human body and otherwise nature, is the capability to the recreation of its original form.

Science of nature, medical science and social science know a lot about resilience. I make up my mind beyond the explanations of these sciences. I try to understand resilience as a dimension by living a spiritual life. Let me express some words about what I understand about living a spiritual life.

All people live spiritual lives. All matter is spirit in various forms of expression. Spirit expresses itself in energy and energy in waves of different frequency, from the "light" to the "dark" frequency, from the «easy» to the "heavy", from the "high" to the "low".

All people live spiritual lives, but not everyone is aware of the degree to which soul and body are spirit in a material expression. A high degree of awareness that life is a physical experience for the spirit is considered a high degree of spiritual awareness. The opposite is to understand the physical life in the glimpse of spiritual experiences. Whether the spirit through the soul has a physical experience by attaching itself to a body is something other than being a body that in flash experiences the spirit

The day of understanding and therefore the day of acceptance that my life is life as spirit and soul in a physical body, is the day I had to change the essential aspects of both my life and my surroundings.

Resilience for one who seeks to live a spiritual life involves some very different understandings from one who is trying to understand one's life alone as an expression of matter. I will try to say a few words about this.

Whoever seeks to live a spiritual life lives from a spiritual inner through the soul as a connection between the spiritual world of consciousness and the material world of consciousness. The soul act as the connection between the spiritual consciousness and the material consciousness. Imbedded in the "heavy" matter, spirit is a potential that must be awakened to appear actively as spirit. This is what evolution is all about, to awaken the potential for spiritual consciousness in the "heavy matter".

When you live a spiritual life, you live from a spiritual interior, guided by the soul. You live from a spiritual interior as you move into the heavy matter with the soulful frequency you are incarnated with. Few people know its soulful frequency. It can be identified and how you do it, we can talk about another time.

He who moves in the heavy matter from a spiritual interior, moves from a forceless inner. The spirit does not need force to move in matter. The spirit acts through "non-action", what the ancient Chinese Taoists called "Wu Wei", action through non-action.

So what does resilience mean for those seeking a spiritual life?

Let me state that living a physical life in itself is a burden. Body and mind, wear and tear, and eventually cease to exist. This is the uncompromising dance of physical life.

Let me then illuminate the resilience with the symbolic sketch of the tree trying to withstand the storm. With all its power in the root system, in the thick trunk and with its powerful branches, the tree is eventually torn apart. The grass in all its flexibility and ability to rise when the storm has blown by, survives. The modest grass has greater resilience than the stalling tree.

Resilience for those seeking to live a spiritual life involves confronting the force of the storm with Wu Wei, action through non-action. You act through non-action when you act in the essence of your soul. You are at the center of the opportunities offered by the Law of Freedom and the Law of the Self, when you act through non-action.

Where do you find the way to Wu Wei and therefore the resilience you need to live a life pact with the essence of your soul and the purpose of your life? The road is both short and long. In a later text I can tell you about a path I personally know and which I think works for many.


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