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In my blogtext of week 27 - 2018, Acceleration and complexity, I gave you my reflections upon the third primordial megatrend that shapes futures, together with the megatrends Immaterialization and Polarization (see my blog).

I have done this reflections to set up my framework «Futures of Man». You can read about the concept in my blogtext of week 24 - 2018. Future(s) appears always in plural and takes shape by disruptions. Man either put her/him self in charge of the evolution, or get disrupted. Through awakening and self-transformation, you ride the horse, not reverse. Following me you get access to spiritual ideas and tools, that enables you to be in charge of your challenges.

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Let’s go to theme of the text of the week.

Spirituality, technology and futures

What impact does spirituality and technology affect to futures? I give you one simple answer: multiple! Let me say some words to what futures is about and then add on technology and spirituality.

Futures and how to attract the chosen one

The future does not make choices and it is not waiting for you. It just fires out. Driven by megatrends. You can not stop or otherwise delay or delay the future. In fact, the opposite. You should get up early and be well dressed when the future is on. We who work with the future will never be surprised to hear "we did not see it".

Future researchers say that the future is coming across. The performance completely violates our notions of future as something that comes to us and which can be observed at a distance. That the future is crossing is just based on the fact that it does not come. The future is lifted into our daily lives, from the sidelines, suddenly and almost without advance notice. Our only possibility of predicting it is through analysis of statistical data and mega trends.

To a certain extent, the future can be predicted. Through analysis of development features (megatrends) that can be documented through research, we can understand the future. Based on work with megatrends in contexts that are valid for us, we can choose the mega trends that we consider most relevant. From there we can create a scenario crossing and thus draw future images we can choose to attract.

Technology and artificial intelligence

Technology is an inseparable part of the history of Man. Humans way to success is driven by technological inventions.

Scientist Stephen Hawking, before his death on March 14th, 2018, announced a strong concern for the development of artificial intelligence. Hawking was strongly upset for what artificial intelligence would have to say for human development. With the development of an artificial intelligence able to develop itself and which exceeds human capacity, as we know it today, to remember and operate large amounts of data, what about humanity? Do we want to end like "the monkey in the cage"? Will the artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence and make us superfluous?

The artificial intelligence is rational and it is analytical. It is based on algorithms. It does not have to sleep nor does it require wage increases. In a very long time, artificial intelligence will also occur in humanoids (machine-people) with emotional skills. We already see robots / humanoids with emotional properties today. These emotional qualities will be so well developed that we will come to believe they have spiritual qualities.

Our challenge, however, is that the artificial intelligence in most areas of logical-analytical operations and eventually also in the face of emotions will be so well-planned that it will surpass the human brain. What about the human being then?

This challenge was asked as questions to the foremost developers of artificial intelligence. Their response was amazing. Through the concept of future "marriage" between humanoids and humans, through human rights for humanoids and criminal charges associated with "killing" on humanoids, the response was given particularly encouraging but challenging:

Expanded consciousness!

The way people go to avoid Stephen Hawking's "black holes" as far as artificial intelligence is concerned, is to expand our consciousness. Sic! Let’s look at consciousness and it’s key, spirituality.

Spirituality and expanded consciousness

Consciousness as word is a key to me - key to locked rooms hiding the forgotten mystery of a living universe and the expansion of consciousness.

My understanding runs backwards to the Egyptian-Caledonian science tradition, which we can confirm from millennia before our era (Christ) and towards the Roman-Greek knowledge tradition through the Middle Ages until the renaissance of our time. The essence of these traditions was the development of the forgotten and incomplete imaginary images of a "mythical reality" into a logical-analytical brain of an «measurable reality"

The new (at that ancient time) sense of mind lifted mankind out of forgotten myths, poverty and distress, at the same time it closed our old brain's ability to communicate with the mythical spirit world. Partially, and only partially, the ancient mystery schools through time, had the power to preserve the largely lost insight and the old symbolic language. The spiritual insight, our ability to communicate with the spiritual beings, and to create evolution in conjunction with a higher consciousness, had to be closed down and almost to die for the new to emerge. Today we are in front of the paradigm shift. The phenomenological brain is awakened to evolve into a new evolutionary level. This is the core of «Futures of Man».

The challenge today is that we no longer believe in a spiritual life. The ability of the old brain to talk with and through spiritual imagination and with spiritual helpers is closed down as a result of the development of the natural science brain. This is not true, however. You and I know "something" wakes up in us. We dare for spiritual orientation and seek spiritual insight.

This is why I give my time to spiritual awakening- the key to unlock our evolutionary meetings with futures.

Next blog text will reflect upon the equilibrium between the science of Nature and science of Spirit.

Stay tuned.


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