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We humans descend on Earth to ascend from Earth. What is this about? Is there a story that can explain? People tell me that exploration for the meaning of life is meaningless. I listen deeply and know that such an attitude does not fit me. Life is both too demanding and too beautiful, to have no meaning. That's why I keep searching for a story.

In the coming week no 07-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on invocation and evocation. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

First, I need to understand the meaning of invocation and evocation.

Invocation is to invoke, connect and to make an entry of a deity. Invocation is readily understood as a prayer. A call of higher sources. A religious request for a god's participation in an act. We find invocation in the channeling the Theosophy's Alice A. Bailey made, from master Djwhal Khul, more than 70 years ago. Here is the prayer of invoking God's light on the Earth. Invocation is to be understood as a religious request, an appeal that the Light must enclose and connect with the Earth.

Evocation is to wake up, make living and to manifest knowledge, impressions and experiences. Evocation is to create performances, stand for a court and is also used for the call of war service (Sic!). Evocation is extracting and leaving something to an other purpose.

Invocation is an act in which a metaphysical source is called for descendent in service of a task. Evocation is an act where experiences, opportunities and knowledges are extracted and passed further on. "Something" descends as to ascends. Invocation is followed by evocation. I see a figure.

Man descends to ascends, why?

Initially I stated that I experience life so meaningful that life can’t be without meaning. If I understood life as meaningless, I would know about being abandoned, and I’m not. I have created a beautiful story about the meaning of life. A story I do not need to push on anyone. Only a story that makes my life possible and meaningful, in all its pain and imperfection. The idea of ​​the transcendental source that goes into permanence as Universe, is a dream I trust. The idea that the transcendental creative source creates itself into a Picture - the Masculine source, introduces itself into life through Movement - the feminine source, and together they create Consciousness - the child of the two, is a narrative I surrender into.

The hungarian scientist Ervin Lazlo says the Universe is conscious, in fact that the Universe is consciousness. I can as well like that performance. Consciousness is self-evident and therefore unfinished at all times. Lazlo's idea is that minerals, plants animals and humans are consciously levels, which through intelligent processes create the Universe through the process of evolution. You and I share the experience that minerals, plants and animals speak. I know we do, otherwise you would not have been attracted to this blog post. We may experience the phenomenon diffenrently, but common we experience that everything is living and connected. You, me, minerals, planets and animals, together with the Earth, the planets and the galaxies, are a great living and self-conscious consciousness.

Consciousness as the Universe, is the most physical manifestation of the transcendental creative source. Consciousness behaves in many forms. One of the many forms is like souls. As physical bodies, souls can incarnate on Earth. One of the places in the universe where incarnation is extremely heavy. Souls who incarnate on Earth incarnate on a heavy planet, a dark planet. The choice of incarnation is very well planned and a deeply conscious act.

Earth invokes souls for its enlightenment. You and I as souls invoke the Earth to the purpose of enlighting the Earth. We are light workers. Invocation offers us three tasks. We shall support enlightenment of the Earth, we shall educate ourselves and we shall return to the Spirit with new knowledge. We will evoke when the time has come and bring new knowledge back home. Ancient wisdom cultures knew this. Therefore, their inaugurations as priestesses/priests were shaped as invocations and evocations.

We descend to ascend. Isn’t that a beautiful story?

The third task of our invocation contains the education of ourselves as souls. We reincarnate as souls and invoke the Earth to undergo a spiritual educational process. For every incarnation on Earth, we take steps towards enlightenment. Each incarnation has its purpose that is determined before we incarnate. The purpose is hidden for us because part of the education is that we ourselves will redeem the hidden knowledge. We will wish, seek and find the hidden ascension road towards the new knowledge - our purpose of life.

We are invoked to Earth, have accepted the invocation and reincarnate with a hidden purpose. The challenge is to understand our spiritual ascension and specific life goals for this incarnation. Neither the Eastern or Western tradition today has the knowledge neither the methods of how we can reach the understanding of our individual spiritual ascension or the decoding of our life’s purpose. The great mysteries are not understood by the rational brain and the great religions are designed to become concepts for devotion to divinities.

There is a tool to survey the soul's hidden ascension channel, in many ways the one that the priesthood had to pass through from the underground chamber to the royal chamber of the Great Pyramid. This ascent path exists as a spiritual source in you. It can be manifested. Similarly, your purpose of life is hidden and stored in you. Through a secret process you can find your encrypted map for this incarnation and implement your spiritual educational process. I will blog about this hidden process in blogs to come.

We descend from Consciousness, We are Consciousness, and we co-create Consciousness.

The invocation on Earth is followed by the evocation to the Spirit - the great Consciousness, and so we will incarnation follows incarnation until enlightenment.


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